Whole30 to Whole5?

My 30 days went by much faster than I expected, as in, I stopped doing the Whole30 after five days. The five days that I was “eating clean” felt no different from how I felt every other day; I never went through the sugar hangover phase or the super angry phase. I just felt normal. I did want candy and carbs a bit but I think that was mostly me wanting what I couldn’t have; I would only think about them when I was faced with the option. I never crave these things normally so it was really unusual and seemed counter-intuitive. I was also tired all week but since I went to our NYC office on Tuesday, only got 5 hours of sleep the night before, and never caught up.

Sunday Dinner

I thought about my decision to call off the Whole30 a lot; every day I waited to feel different – better, worse, any change at all. The more I thought about it, I realized that my main goal for the Whole30 was to include more protein in my diet, which I had started to do ahead of time in preparation. As the week continued, I also realized my diet wasn’t all that bad to begin with. Yes, I eat dairy, have granola/grains, and indulge in snacks every so often. At the same time – the dairy is usually either 1% milk (well, chocolate milk) or Greek yogurt; the granola is the healthiest I can find and I try to only eat whole grains; and I eat snacks/sweets sometimes because I’m human and no one is perfect ;). I didn’t stop the Whole30 because it was too hard (believe me, I had the whole thing pretty much planned out); but I wasn’t feeling any different and always believed that the best policy is everything in moderation.

So after a whole whopping 5 days; I called it quits, and I can honestly say I couldn’t be happier with my decision. I felt so much better after going back to my normal diet and don’t regret anything about it. I’m glad I decided to try it though, I learned a lot about the food that I eat, what is in it, and think I will make better decisions going forward.