Let the Whole 30 Begin

Hey everybody! Who is ready for Spring? I am! That’s for sure. We had some more snow here Sunday night and all it made me want is to see the snow melt away, the grass start to grow, and the flowers pop up in my garden! Now if only Mother Nature could get on board with me, we’d be cooking.

More Snow in NY

In other news, I start my Whole30 Challenge today! I am an equal mix of excited and nervous. I am excited to try new recipes, think it will be good to incorporate more protein into my diet, and get in the habit of doing lots of meal planning and prep ahead of time. I have also read a lot of feedback from others who have done the Whole30 and they talk about feeling more energized and sleeping better; who wouldn’t want that!

While all those things are great, there are a few things I’m nervous about and not looking forward to over the next 30 days. I’m a little worried about getting bored with what I’m eating or that I’ll run out of time to meal prep on a weekend and wind up having a really difficult week. I am also really going to miss dairy – I love cheese and Greek yogurt and lately have been drinking chocolate milk in the mornings which has been great for keeping me full during the day. I am also going to miss granola, oatmeal, and pasta. I guess that’s why this is called the Whole 30 Challenge and not the Whole 30 not-really-a-big-deal. Haha. I just keep telling myself that it’s only a month and if it winds up with me being healthier at the end, then it is worth it.

Whole30 Food Prep

Over the weekend I did a TON of grocery shopping. I stocked up at Trader Joe’s and Whole Foods to get things like raw nuts (almonds, cashews, pecans, hazelnuts), unsweetened coconut, Whole30 compliant vegetable broth (no added sugar), almond butter, and some other “necessities”. I also did a HUGE shopping trip at my regular grocery store to pick up meat, eggs, and veggies to prep lots of meals for the next two weeks (not pictured). Then on Sunday I had a huge cooking day. I made shredded chicken in the crock pot, baked 5 large sweet potatoes, and made beef stew. Last night I made breakfast sausages and tonight I plan to make meatballs to throw in the freezer. I don’t typically eat much variation throughout the week (just cook a big meal or two over the weekend and then have leftovers all week); so this shouldn’t be too different. The biggest change will be breakfast but I think I can make it.

I’m keeping notes of how I feel about the whole thing as I go through it so I’ll be sure to post those (either along the way or overall at the end). Has anyone else done a Whole30? Any tips? Advice? What were the worst days for you? How did you handle them? What were the best parts?