Time to Shake it Up

I was on MSN this morning (.com, not the news…haha!). It used to be my homepage until I switched it to iGoogle. I’m sticking with iGoogle but I think I’ll have to make MSN one of my ‘bookmark toolbar’ permanent fixtures. I poked around a few of the new-to-me pages on msn – delish.com, fitbie.msn.com and glo.msn.com – and I really liked them! I’m looking forward to doing a bit more research tomorrow night when I have some down time.

One of the main reasons why I visited it in the first place was I remembered there being a health/wellness section. This appears to have been replaced by fitbie which looks really awesome. I have been thinking for quite a while now that I really need to be better committed to a healthy life overall. I eat pretty well most of the time but there’s more to being healthy than food and I feel like the rest of my life is lacking in those ‘other’ departments. I don’t get enough sleep (ever!), I stress out way too much way too often and I don’t exercise nearly enough. These are all things I am constantly trying to improve and battle with myself over and I don’t think this approach is working for me. Haha! The more I don’t do these things (sleep, de-stress, exercise) the more I beat myself up about it and I think in order for the good habits I’m trying to develop to stick I need to be nicer to myself. I need to find something that works for me and integrate it into my life. That being said – I am going to add this little journey of mine to my blog’s scope. I’m hoping that by committing to blogging about it, it will hold me more accountable.

My start date for all this is next Monday (May 30, 2011). I want to do some research and prep work ahead of time to make sure I start off on the right foot. I need to develop a plan (I am a HUGE plan person – plans are my comfort zone) and figure out the best course of action for me. I want to find out how to make the time for myself and what kinds of exercise are best for me to begin with that will be easy to stick to. I don’t want to be over-ambitious to begin with because I have heard that leads to burn out and then lack of motivation.

So here is my homework this week:

I’ll keep you updated with my progress! Have a great night.

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