Summer Reading List

The other day I was talking with a coworker of mine and he mentioned a book his daughter is reading for her summer reading list (Uncle Tom’s Cabin – which by the way, I have never read). It brought me back to those long lists of books I would sift through every summer to make sure I had read enough during the school break. I found some of my all-time favorite books from those lists and kind of miss the whole experience. At the time, I thought it was obnoxious to be forced to read – I like reading for the enjoyment of it and always found that enjoyment lacking when I had to read. I guess that’s how it is for most things though – I like doing them until I’m forced to and then they’re not so fun. Anyway, that all being said, I decided to make my own summer reading list. I love to read but never seem to make the time to do it. I’m hoping that by setting this goal for myself I won’t feel ‘forced’ to read, but at the same time I’ll be more conscious to make the time to do something I enjoy.

My Summer Reading List

A Royal Pain: A Royal Spyness Mystery by Rhys Bowen
This is the second book in the Royal Spyness Mystery series. I believe there are currently four.  I read the first one and thought it was hilarious! I have already started reading this one so the chances that I’ll finish it before the summer is over are pretty high. ;)

A Royal Flush: A Royal Spyness Mystery by Rhys Bowen
This is the third book in the Royal Spyness Mystery series.

The Wedding Girl by Madeleine Wickam
This was one of the books I bought to take with me on the cruise in March, and then wound up not taking because I didn’t have enough space. I have read some other books by Madeleine Wickam and really liked them so I’m pretty excited about this one.

The Fixer Upper by Mary Kay Andrews
I have read another book by this author and really got into it. The Fixer Upper is another book I bought for the cruise and didn’t take.  It’s about a girl who buys a house and fixes it up and, in the process, fixes up her life. The plot sounded a little close-to-home so I just had to buy it to see what happens. :D

Winter Solstice by Rosamunde Pilcher
My mom and sister have both read a bunch of books by Rosamunde Pilcher and LOVE them. They have both wanted me to read this book for quite some time (and the book has been on my bookshelf for quite some time), so now seemed as good a time as any to actually get that done. ;)

A Thousand Splendid Suns by Khaled Hosseini
A coworker of mine lent this to me a while ago – I think before I even moved into my house ( 8O ) but since things have been so crazy I haven’t gotten a chance to read it. I heard that it was really moving and really want to read it!

The End of Overeating by David Kessler
A while back on Courtney’s blog I saw her review of this book and it seemed like she really liked it and got a lot out of it. I have borrowed it from the library twice now with out getting around to reading it. I’m hoping that by being more systematic about reading I actually get to read it the next time I check it out!

You: The Owners Manual by Dr. Michael Roizen and Dr. Mehmet Oz
I started reading parts of this a few years ago and the book discussed keeping our bodies healthy in a way that really made sense to me. I’m not sure why I didn’t finish it but I think I just put it down and never got back to it. I want to refresh the parts that I’ve already read, and finish up the book.

Some notes on my selections
The first four are chick lit books – light, airy and fun. I like mixing them in between heavier books to give my brain a break – it is the summer after all!
The first six books are fiction, the last two are non-fiction.
I also reserve the right to add some to this list. If I do; I’ll update you :)
I will post little book reviews once I’m done with each one but I am by NO means a professional book reviewer. They will therefore be most likely based on my opinion and nothing else.

Have you read anything you really enjoyed lately? Do you have a summer reading list? Or maybe just a regular just-for-fun reading list? If you are a reader – do you prefer to buy books? Get them from the library? Borrow from a friend? Read them from a book or are you a gadgety person who has an electronic reader?
Go go gadget e-reader! I am a book reader – I don’t know how I feel about e-readers and I have a mix between purchased books and borrowed books – both from the library and friends/family.

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