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How was everyone’s weekend? Mine was great! It was kind of busy because I really wanted to take advantage of the nice weather and make a dent in my house projects list. I started off early Saturday morning and ran to Target (if I need to go to any big box stores or grocery stores on the weekend I try really hard to go early because after noon it’s crazytown). I actually didn’t check out the sale ad for Target until last Friday night and when I saw that the lawn chairs I wanted for my backyard/future patio were on sale, I had to snatch them up! While I was there I grabbed some other super fun things and scoped out the prices for a few other things I might need in the future. My new phone is definitely coming in handy for that last task, I just snap a photo of the object and price and I’m good to go! Here are some of the things I checked out for the future:

Target Planters

These are pretty big planter pots.

There are two different sizes here although I couldn’t tell you what the dimensions are. At time time I just kind of looked at them and they were the biggest & cheapest ones I’ve seen so I snapped a picture to remember where they were and how much. My plan was to spray paint the pot and then stick it in the front yard with some flowers in it to spruce up that space a little. More on that shortly.

Garden hose

Yup, lime green garden hose

I bought a hose at Target last year but couldn’t remember the price/color (for the record mine is that reddish-purpley color they have). I think I need to get an additional hose to maybe hook up to the one I already have because it doesn’t reach far enough. I don’t a)know if that’s possible or b)if it’s a good idea, but I want to keep it in the back of my mind just in case. :)

Kitchen handles

Hardware for the kitchen (potentially)

I’ve kind of put my kitchen remodel on hold for the time being (there are projects – like the back yard – that are more seasonal and I really want to focus my funds and efforts on them right now), however I’m keeping my eyes out for things that I like. This way if things pop up on sale between now and when I do my kitchen I can nab them or when I am ready to do my kitchen I know what stuff I want to get, where it is, and how much it costs. I really like these drawer handles – I like the color, shape and feel of them. Now I just have to cross my fingers that they go on sale sometime because that would just float my kitchen-y boat.

Rug on clearance

Rug on clearance at Target

I just happened to mosey on by the rug isle – I actually hadn’t planned on this – but when I did, I saw that a whole bunch of rugs were on clearance which pretty much rocked my socks. You can’t tell the color from the photo I took but it’s a light blue color and the clearance price for the size was great for me. I didn’t buy it then because by this point I had a pretty full car load already (get to that in a few) and I wanted to make sure that I couldn’t get it cheaper elsewhere.

Rug #2 on clearance at Target

Rug #2 on clearance at Target

Pretty much the same note as above only this carpet was silvery/gray and I loved this one a LOT.

Occasional Table

Occasional Table at Target

I really like this table only I’m not sure it goes with the look of my house currently so I have no idea where I would put it. Either way, it’s still pretty to look at. :)

Fun Trays

Fun Trays

I don’t really have many serving trays and liked these a lot. I held off on buying one though because it’s not an urgent need and I don’t have a lot of kitchen storage to play with. Also when I redo my kitchen it would be one more thing to move back and forth during that time. Ick.

So after all my perusing I headed over to the checkout because as fun as all this ‘window’ shopping was, I needed to head home and get to work! My final purchases ended up being:

4 TAN RE Stacking Sling Chairs for the porch ($19.00 each on sale from $29.00)
A big blue kiddie bucket – 18 gallon tub ($5.10 on clearance from $7.29)
1 Value-Pack Package of Medium Command Hooks
2 Value-Pack Packages of Small Command Hooks – these babies were on clearance too for $2.57 from $8.59 – woo hoo!
10 Solar Lights (on sale for $1 a pop)
Some Easter candy – two bags for my work candy bowl and one bag for me :-D (I had a coupon so that makes it OK)

Overall I saved $67.21 between sales, coupons and clearance items which equates to approximately 54% of what I paid (I saved more than half of what I spent is another way to put it). Pretty good deals if you ask me! I was pumped. The only thing not discounted in any way was the package of medium Command Hooks but I needed that size so it wasn’t a big deal.

Next challenge: getting everything home! It didn’t occur to me while shopping that the chairs wouldn’t fit in my car. I’ve fit a ton of stuff in there before (hello futon!) and although it might be a little tough it’s never not fit.

Chairs in my car from the back seat

Chairs in my car from the back seat

Yes, it’s been 70+ degrees and I still have a scarf and mittens in my car…but in the North East you can never be sure! (I also still have a shovel and a couple of ice/snow scrapers in my trunk)

Chairs in my car from the front seat

Chairs in my car from the front seat

… And this pattern held true! Now, this was by far NOT the safest thing to do and I know that but by the time I got to this configuration I was sweaty from running around my car like crazy to get these to fit, feeling pressed for time, basically didn’t have any other good option so I went with this. I only live about 10 minutes from Target so I thankfully didn’t have to drive like this for very long and I could still see my mirrors. In the future though, I plan to wait until I can take someone with a bigger car with me!

Finally in the house!

Finally in the house!

This picture really helps provide some scale for the BIG blue bucket I got. I have a plan in mind for this bucket to turn it into a planter. It’s WAY bigger than the pots I snapped shots of above and also way cheaper so if it fails well it was only $5. I’ll keep you posted on how that goes.

After getting the chairs inside I took a lunch break, changed into my house work clothes and went up stairs to paint the ceiling in the spare room. I don’t have any pictures for you because it wasn’t that obvious of a change. The walls were already primed (with white) and all I did was paint the ceiling white so it’s pretty hard to see that anything happened. Basically the before and after shots would pretty much look identical so I didn’t bother.

After cleaning up, I showered up because I was gross and speckled with paint, and headed out to a local bar (Stout for anyone in the area) to celebrate my friend Andrea’s birthday (and St Patrick’s Day).

Happy Birthday Andrea

Happy Birthday Andrea

It was such a fun time! There were a ton of bag pipers everywhere that kept going in and out of the bars. I loved it!


I couldn't get enough!

It was a great way to end the day!

I was originally planning on posting about Sunday as well but this is already pretty long so I’ll save that for later! :)

Have a great night/day! :)

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