Baby It’s Cold Out!

Like SUPER cold! I guess it shouldn’t surprise me, I mean, it is December, but geezums. It’s bitter. My gas light came on yesterday (of course) as did my tire pressure light. It usually happens that on the first coldest day of the season I need gas and the air in my tires constricts enough that I need to add some more. It’s not a horrible thing, but it’s always a process, and I’m typically not yet dressed for the weather. Haha!

I left work early yesterday to work on some things for school so I pretty much didn’t leave my house after 3pm. Imagine my surprise then when I woke up this morning to this:

Snow in the backyard

Snow in the backyard

I LOVE snow so waking up to a dusting this morning (especially when I didn’t even know it was supposed to snow) pretty much made my day. I feel like I’ve been in a little funk lately but the snow was exactly what I needed to snap me out of it. I felt so energized and rejuvenated the second I saw it. I immediately ran around my house taking pictures from different windows. Yup…I geek out over snow.

Front yard/driveway

Front yard/driveway

The first picture above is taken from the back porch. While taking that picture, I took the following of the current state of the porch:

View of the eating area

View of the eating area

View of the sitting area

View of the sitting area

It’s still a work in progress, but it made me so happy being out there and knowing how far it has come since this time last year. Eventually I’ll discuss all those updates, but not today. Things I still have left to do out here:

  • Paint the wood for the board and batten
  • Finish the board and batten on the walls
  • Put up trim around the ceiling
  • Paint the lounge chairs white
  • Paint the chairs for the table white
  • Paint the stand for the table white
  • Do something with the light fixture
  • Put the latch thing on the new door
  • Paint bird houses to decorate
  • Hang bird houses
  • Maybe do something with the floor

The porch has pretty much moved to my spring/summer project list since it’s too chilly to work out there now, but it was still nice to go out there and have it be bright and cheerful.

Anyway, after spending a good portion of the day doing classwork, I decided to watch a snow-inspired movie: The Chronicles of Narnia. I love this movie. It’s been a pretty great day all around. What have you been up to? Enjoying any seasonal weather? PS – is it just me or in the first picture above does it look like there’s a red barn behind my shed that kind of makes it look like I live on a farm? Just me?

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3 thoughts on “Baby It’s Cold Out!

  1. Jim says:

    The porch looks great. You will be spending most of your summer enjoying it. We will get that finished as well as your patio so you can really enjoy your yard this coming year. It would be nice if that is the amount of snow we get each snowfall. Stay warm.


  2. Ann Marie says:

    That DOES look like a red barn. House right? I was thinking how good your porch is looking even before I read that part of your post. House is coming along so well. Very exciting.


    • It is a house, but I don’t even remember seeing it last year. I wonder if the owners painted the house since last winter (or maybe I was just very oblivious last year).


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