Motivational Monday – Big Laugh

My Environmental Law class is officially over. YEAY! My brain can now take a much needed break! The last assignment was intense and by the end of last night (heck by yesterday afternoon!) my brain felt like mush.  The topics of the class were interesting (environmental law, green building permits and regulations, etc.), but it was a lot of new information to digest REALLY quickly. I’m so excited to have a week off now! I have a LOT of plans and will be busy pretty much all week, but it’ll be nice to be busy with stuff I want to do, as opposed to assignments.

I figured a fun, light-hearted quote was appropriate for this week so I found this one and added the fun colorful background. It’s just a happy little punch for Monday. Every time I read this quote, I can help but smile. It’s just so…true! And I love it. I hope you do too :)

Ain't that the truthHappy Monday! Hope you get a couple of big laughs in this week. ;)


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One thought on “Motivational Monday – Big Laugh

  1. Ann Marie Dooley says:

    Laughter is the best medicine and we need to find something to laugh about every day. so good for body and soul. One og=f my recent laughs was about a guy who broke his foot and had to wear a “booth” on it.


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