That Was Fun…

Yesterday was a fun and interesting day. It was my Poppa’s 94th birthday which I think is amazing and unbelievable; hopefully I inherited those good genes! I tried calling him to wish him a happy birthday all day (starting around 10:30am and until 9:30pm) but couldn’t get a hold of him. After calling one last time at 9:30 I found out from my grandma that he was still out with his church friends! I’ve heard that having a good social network is really key to a long life and clearly my grandparents are proof of that!

Happiness in general is a really important part of living a long and healthy life. After reading The Happiness Project (thanks Amanda!!) and tons of articles about increasing happiness, reducing stress, boosting your mood, etc., they all point to having fun, laughing, and building social connections. Last night I was out doing just that with a group of people from work. Every winter for the past three years my work team has gone out to do some sort of fun activity together and this year was no different. This year’s activity was laser tag which I haven’t played in well over a decade but it was a BLAST!

The Electric Run

The Electric Run, 2014

I don’t know if this is a conscious decision or if I’m just drawn to things that sound fun, but a lot of the activities I seek out are just a lot of fun. (I don’t mean fun like I enjoy them, but rather the whole get-caught-up-in-the-moment, laugh-like-a-kid kind of fun.) The reason I want to become a {better} runner is so that I can participate in fun runs like The Electric Run and Color Me Rad. I also went to a local trampoline park with friends back in December and literally jumped around there for an hour. It seems whenever I do things like that, or like laser tag tonight, I laugh a lot, smile a lot, everyone chats a lot – it just all around makes me feel good. A lot of these things also make me feel like a kid again and that’s a completely different kind of fun than doing things I enjoy as an adult.

Have you done any feel-like-a-kid-again fun activities lately? I honestly didn’t expect laser tag to be as much fun as it was but I had SUCH a great time. One of the best parts was the fact that no one had really gone in a long time so it was fun to see how everyone acted.


Saturday Edition – Currently Loving

Happy weekend everyone! I hope you all had a good week. It was absolutely freezing here the past few days so I spent a LOT of time indoors. Thursday it was -5 degrees when I left to go to work, and about the same when I was heading home the night before. Needless to say, this is definitely cozy-up-under-a-blanket kind of weather! I thought I’d throw a post up here with a random hodge-podge of things I’ve found interesting this week (since this weather makes for great web-surfing ;) ).

I Bet My Life by Imagine Dragons – Such a great band! I’ve loved every song of theirs I’ve heard to-date and this one is no different. I think it is currently in a Jeep commercial – but I recommend listening to it in it’s entirety. The link below is just the audio; the image is a little weird and creeps me out a smidgen, but I like the song!

I Lived by OneRepublic – Another song I can’t get enough of (from another band I love). I don’t know what it is but between the lyrics, their voices, and the sound of the song – it’s just addicting. I think it’s especially energizing this time of year; it motivates me to, well, live. It makes me just want to push myself and do something great. Not a bad song to help with those New Year’s resolutions. ;) And I love this video; I don’t think it’s often that a group uses their music video to relay a message like this. I may have gotten a little teary-eyed (I’m a sap).

Galavant on ABC – Is anyone else watching this show? I’m mildly obsessed. I find it SO funny! The chef cracks me up. I wish it was longer than four weeks, but I plan to thoroughly enjoy watching it the next few weeks. You should definitely check it out though if you aren’t already, especially if you enjoy Monty Python-esque humor.

The Librarians on TNT – I loved the Librarian movies and was beyond thrilled when I heard they made a TV show of it! A couple of my nights this week were spent catching up on all the episodes. I’m definitely digging this show and suggest you check it out if you’re into historical fiction, mystery, sci-fi type shows. P.S. I saw at the gym yesterday that when the show comes back this Sunday there will be back to back episodes so that’s a fun bonus!

Is Everyone Hanging Out Without Me? (And Other Concerns) by Mindy Kaling – This is my current read and it is so funny! I keep finding myself laughing out loud while reading it. I never watched the office (I know ::gasp::) and have only caught pieces of episodes of The Mindy Project, but I somehow stumbled across this book either on Amazon or Goodreads and thought I’d check it out. I’m so glad I did. You can bet I’ll be done with this book by tonight; it’s such a quick read and I can’t put it down.


Valentine’s Day – Can we all take a beat and discuss this whole Valentine’s-Day-stuff-in-stores-already thing?! This is insane. We are barely two weeks past Christmas and over a month away from Valentine’s Day. I’m all for people celebrating their love and all that jazz but it’d be nice if stores realized commercialism doesn’t need to be in the spotlight of that (and every other national holiday). Can we just have a couple of weeks to appreciate what we do have rather than being pushed to think we need more? Ok, soapbox rant over.

Gimme Some Oven Dares – this is one of my favorite blogs and I make a point to check it nearly every day. I love Ali’s recipes, writing style, and perspective on life. Rather than create New Year’s resolutions, she chooses a word for the year. In 2015 her word is dare, and as part of that is she’s hosting monthly “group” dares. Her dare for January is to move in the mornings. I really want to jump on that bandwagon, but am normally not with the program enough in the morning to remember. I need to find someway to remind myself to get with it and move! Any tips??

Duolingo – currently loving this app! Learning new languages is something that has been on my list for the longest time so I decided to jump on in. I’ve only taken one lesson so far but it seems manageable. Who knows if I’ll actually become multilingual, but it’s been fun so far so I’m hoping I’ll stick with it.

Future Cities Competition – a coworker of mine asked if I would help out at the Future Cities Regional Competition with her this weekend. I’m not sure what her role is with the organization, but it sounds like a super cool competition that I totally would have LOVED to participate in when I was in middle school. The basic idea is that 6th, 7th, and 8th graders create a city of the future using SimCity, build models of that city out of recycled materials, and prepare a presentation explaining their city. Through this process (engineering design process), they learn all kinds of math, science, writing, problem solving, time management, teamwork, and many other skills. It sounds terrific and I’m super excited to be a part of this weekend’s competition.

So those are some of the things in my little bubble that I have been digging! What are you into lately? Any songs that you can’t get out of your head or a TV show you look forward to every week?

And PS – this post is entirely my own thoughts and content. I’m not backed or sponsored by anyone and wasn’t asked to write any of this – it really is just stuff I have been into lately and wanted to share. Hope you enjoy, and have a great weekend!