Snow Day Activities

We are pretty much smack dab in the middle of winter over here and I’m guessing some of you are too. I thought it would be fun to pull together a post of snow day activities in case you find yourself facing a snow day and aren’t quite sure what to do. Whether you have kids and have a day off with them, play hookie from work, or have some time on a weekend, it’s always fun to play on a snow day! Give me a clear blue sky with sunshine, above zero temps, and snow on the ground, and I want to be outside!  There are also plenty of snowy days that are the opposite of those things, in which case give me a blanket, a sweatshirt, and some soup!

Winter activities

Stay Indoors

  1. Have a board game day or maybe a tournament! Some of my favorites – Cranium, Monopoly, Sorry, Trivial Pursuit, and Scategories
  2. Play card games (Cards Against Humanity, Apples to Apples, Phase 10) – some of these games can go on for a while so they’re perfect if you have a free afternoon ahead of you!
  3. Movie or TV show marathon
  4. Read – get a jump on a book you’ve been meaning to read for a while (and make some progress on your Goodreads goal if you made one)
  5. Build a fort/tent
  6. Write some notes  – who doesn’t love to get snail mail, and you’re probably in a great mood from having a snow day that your cheeriness will shine through in your note :)
  7. Pamper Yourself! Give yourself a manicure, pedicure, exfoliate, take a bath, meditate, do something relaxing to soak up every minute of this “bonus” day
  8. Learn something! Give Duolingo a try (or other language software), teach yourself some new tricks with Photoshop, maybe check out some TED talks, or look into free classes you can audit online.
  9. Create an indoor scavenger hunt (if you have kids, you might be able to find a way to incorporate some chores into the hunt)
  10. Create a Matchbox car “racetrack” with masking tape
  11. Hold a Minute to Win It competition – a lot of these games use household items so it wouldn’t be difficult to play a handful of games
  12. Do something creative – get some inspiration from Pinterest or just start sketching, drawing, painting, writing, etc.
  13. Start a journal
  14. Start or catch up on a Podcast
  15. Go indoor camping
  16. Create a band with household items
  17. Create your own news show to “perform” later (could be real news, fake news, or gossip)

Cooking – you wouldn’t think that there’d be much to this but I thought of a ton of ideas

  1. Have a cookoff of some sort (your own personal chowderfest with you and your friends for example)
  2. Have an Iron Chef type challenge
  3. Make a bunch of freezer meals to use on busier days
  4. Find some of your favorite recipes or ones that you want to try and make a fancy dinner
  5. Play around with decorating a cake or cupcakes – I don’t know about you but I always see cakes and cupcakes on Pinterest and it’d be fun to actually try it one of these days
  6. Create a “bar” of some sort – hot chocolate bar (hot chocolate with all sorts of toppings), cookie bar, loaded baked potato bar, the possibilities are endless!


  1. Snowshoe
  2. Cross-country ski
  3. Downhill ski/snowboard
  4. Sledding
  5. Tubing
  6. Build a snowman
  7. Create a snow maze
  8. Build a snow fort
  9. Have a snowball fight
  10. Winter nature/wildlife spotting

What other things do you like to do on snow days? Are you a stay inside type of person or prefer to go outdoors?

Wintery (Winning) Weekend Recap

Welcome to Wednesday everyone! You’re halfway through the week! The cold, snowy, and generally wintery weather is persisting here, but I’m keeping my eyes on fun things and warm weather ahead!

This past weekend was tons of fun and actually got somewhat extended for me due to a snow day on Monday. I worked from home (and had to clear snow a few times) so there was still work involved, but I wore my super cozy pajamas all day so that’s a win in my book!

This photo is grabbed from my friend Amanda because I was too cold to take off my gloves long enough to take any pictures whatsoever. You can see which cup of chowder is mine because I'm the one still wearing my mittens in the picture.

This photo is grabbed from my friend Amanda because I was too cold to take off my gloves long enough to take any pictures whatsoever. You can see which cup of chowder is mine because I’m the one still wearing my mittens in the picture.

On Saturday I went to Chowderfest in Saratoga Springs which is something I look forward to every winter! It’s actually pretty remarkable – despite the frigid temperatures (I believe it was -11 degrees during the day Saturday) there were tons of people wandering all over Saratoga getting their Chowder on. I think I heard a news report Saturday night saying that there were 30,000 people at Chowderfest this year and I believe it! Some of the lines are crazy long but usually around those there are some street performers, musicians, or other forms of entertainment to help pass the time. One of my best friends and I have been going to this event for 7 years now (I only missed on year because I was in India) and every year it grows and gets more and more delicious! My favorite chowder this year was from the Crown Grill. It was a grilled corn & jalapeno chowder with a chorizo chip and cornbread crouton. SO good! Funny story actually – while we were in the Crown Grill, eating this chowder, I was looking at the list of places and the chowder they make (scoping out where to go next). I saw this exact chowder on the list and said “OMG, this one sounds delicious, we need to go there!” to which my friend’s fiance replied “uum, I think we are there right now”. Oops! I guess I couldn’t get enough of a good thing! That, or my brain was sliding into a food coma. ;) Another little fun thing about Chowderfest is that you get to check out restaurants that you might not normally go to or are new to the area. I’m sure that’s kind of the point for the participating vendors, but it’s still fun for me too.

I almost never take selfies, but I was decked out in all my Patriot's pride gear and had to show my support! 

I almost never take selfies, but I was decked out in all my Patriot’s pride gear and had to show my support!

Then there was Sunday. It was a great day. I had a really productive morning, got a lot done, and visited a bunch of different friends for the Super Bowl. I broke up the evening at two different parties so I could visit with one of my friends that I haven’t seen in AGES due to grad school and conflicting schedules. It was so good to finally catch up with her and see her brand new house, even if it was a quick trip. I then headed over to another friends house to watch the second half of the game. They have an annual party and that’s where I usually watch the game so it wouldn’t have been the same without them!

Patriots ribbon

Patriots ribbon in my hair

It was an amazing game. To say I was happy when the Patriots won is a gross understatement. I could barely contain myself, I was so ecstatic. Basically look up the reaction Tom Brady had to the interception at the end of the game and I as doing the exact same thing.

I also thought the rest of the content that goes along with the game was pretty good. The halftime show was good (not the best I’ve ever seen but certainly not the worst) and I’ve loved all the Buzzfeed articles that have popped up since (like this and this). I also had a few favorite commercials as well:

  • When Pigs Fly Doritos - Cracked me up! When the pig is flying it just looks so funny, I literally laugh out loud. The kid’s dedication to getting some Doritos is also pretty admirable.
  • Brady Bunch Snickers - Also funny; I can totally sympathize with the “hangry” phenomenon.
  • Mercedes-Benz Fable – I usually feel like the tortoise when I go running so I could sympathize and I love when he says “plot twist” – so funny.
  • Clash of Clans: Revenge – Liam Neeson is just perfect in this and the guy at the coffee shop pronouncing his name wrong makes it that much better
  • Dove Men + Care Real Strength – I’m a sap and this totally gets to me (I’m  tearing up as I write this because I just watched it again) but I love it. It makes me want to give my dad a hug!
  • Budweiser Lost Dog – Obviously this made my list. Also a sappy one (also made me tear up) but it’s just so great! Apparently I’m in the mood to give out hugs because this commercial makes me want to scoop up and cuddle this puppy! I also have a particular fondness for the “walk 1,000 miles” song.

So that was my weekend! What were your favorite commercials? Favorite part of the game? Do anything else exciting this weekend? Enjoy the rest of your day friends!